The TRIAD Logo

The TRIAD logo is a hand drawn Heptagram, which is a seven pointed star. The Heptagram is encompassing an upright Unicursal Hexagram, intertwined by an inverted Unicursal Hexagram. These two magickal symbols together constitute the balance of cosmology and the four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

In many religions, the Heptagram symbolized the seven days of creation. It is also a sigil used to ward off evil. The Unicursal Hexagram is a magickal seal that represents power, forward thinking and infinite possibilities. The bond between the Heptagram and the Unicursal Hexagram creates unity in the Macrocosm.

“TRIAD”, itself represents any relation to an action, relationship or life of any one situation. The TRIAD is the third order of Systematics of Wholes. Systematics is an instrument of “understanding.” The TRIAD is “understanding” vs “knowledge,” an opportunity to truly “see and expand,” oneself.

The Six Essential TRIADS- Expansion, Concentration, Order, Interaction, Identity, Freedom.